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Renewing Your Certification

Certified Phlebotomist must get recertified annually to adhere to the guidelines set forth by AAPT and to continually provide evidence that you are updated with the industry. There are several very affordable means available to you to get your 6 annual CEUs.

  AAPT workshops and seminars
  Programs provided by AAPT or other professional organizations
  Online CEUs – Click here to access online CEUs
  Employer sponsored in-service

Regardless of the route you decide to take, you will need to submit your documentation to AAPT. The documentation must include the date of attendance, hours of CEUs awarded, program title and trainer or facilitator’s signature.

After submitting CEUs members are required to pay their $100 biennial dues.

If your certification has expired for less than a year…

If it has been less than a year, you are eligible to reinstate by submitting your CEUs and paying the late fees along with your $100 biennial dues.

If your certification has expired for more than a year…

You are required to take the certification exam again. Late fees are $10 per month, for every month your certification is not renewed after it expires. There is a set renewal fee/dues of $100.

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